Field Service Management

Effectively monitor and optimize field service visits with real-time information and a 360° view of customer details.

LionO360_Increased Visibility With 360° View

Gather Vital Information While Onsite

Create questionnaires for reps to fill out upon visiting each customer site. Enter any questions to ensure proper service and to gather info to improve operations, such as prompting your rep to update details of various contacts. Setup multiple surveys to allow you to ask pertinent questions to the right roles for specific situations.

Easily generate reports for your team, measure, track, and plan the future

The reporting capabilities of our field service management module provides powerful tools for management to efficiently manage field service activities.

Properly service customer’s accounts in a way that minimizes inefficiencies and controls transportation costs.

Generating reports is super simple, as LionO360 automatically captures the length of each visit to track employee productivity and identify success factors.

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LionO360_Customize and Create Unique Stages for Opportunities

Know where your opportunities are no matter where you are

Through LionO360 mobile apps proximity and geo-location capabilities field teams can seek out leads, accounts closest to their location or within their territory. Integrated with Google Maps, set, plan and track for the day’s activities. Insight into the current location of reps also helps you meet urgent customer needs by quickly deploying team members with actions required.

Maintain high productivity levels with advanced reporting and metrics

Assure that your field team is as productive as possible utilizing LionO360 granular reporting. Keeping track is simple, as reps check-in at customer sites, their visit is automatically confirmed and logged into the system. Management can set important metrics such as required store visits and pull reports to measure rep activity levels.

LionO360_Measure Performance with Goals and Forecasting
LionO360_How Lunex Telecom Used LionO360 to Optimize Sales Efficiency by 25%

Improved Team Synergy, Collaboration, and Increased Sales

A leading telecommunications company used LionO360 CRM to manage their field representatives. With real-time tracking and seamless communication, they were able to improve their overall team synergy and sales.

360° View of Your Business

The Ultimate Small Business Management Platform

How can LionO360 help you?

LionO360 CRM transforms your business processes into more efficient and effective operations with our many unique features.

LionO360_Customizable Questionnaire icon LionO360_Customizable Questionnaire icon
Customizable Questionnaire

Prepare your field team with customized questionnaires to gain insight on field service visits.

LionO360_Goals icon LionO360_Goals icon

Set goals and view a complete history of what representatives have accomplished.

LionO360_Territory Management icon LionO360_Territory Management icon
Territory Management

Assign field team representatives to specific territories based on geographic or other specific fields and criteria.

LionO360_Geolocation icon LionO360_Geolocation icon

Your sale representatives can easily browse the location of any lead in the system through integrated GPS services

LionO360_Checkin-Checkout/Time Spent icon LionO360_Checkin-Checkout/Time Spent icon

Confirm time spent onsite and have them checkin and check out when they depart locations.

LionO360_Route Management icon LionO360_Route Management icon
Route Management

Plan and assign routes with powerful route management for field servicing.

LionO360_Nearby icon LionO360_Nearby icon
On The Go Management

Gain access to your inventory, creates sales orders, and email invoices on the go

LionO360_Dynamic Dashboards/Mobile icon LionO360_Dynamic Dashboards/Mobile icon
Mobile Access

Stay connected with your team; anywhere, anytime, available on Android and iPhone

LionO360_Instant access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

Small Business, Big CRM.

Instant access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

Connect everyone on your team with LionO360 CRM

The Business Card Reader from Mobile

Easily scan and insert business card information directly into the system with LionO360’s exclusive business card reader feature.

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Accounting, and much more.

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