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Easily connect all your important business applications to LionO360 for a seamless management experience.

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How can LionO360 help you?

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Microsoft users can synchronize their OneDrive files and information with LionO360.

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Microsoft 365

Connect your email and office accounts to the system.

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Google Maps

Real-time geolocation information from google maps.

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Google Drive

Google Drive and Gmail users can easily integrate their communications and documents with LionO360.

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QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Connect your financials to our inventory and CRM.

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Connect your Mailchimp email account to deliver campaigns in our system.

LionO360 CRM - QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Online & Desktop Sync up to LionO360 CRM

QuickBooks acts as a source of inventory, and all purchase orders and products are created in QuickBooks. Products are pushed from QuickBooks to LionO360 CRM. Any change in products inventory gets pushed to LionO360 CRM. Payment method and payment terms are also pushed form QB to LionO360 CRM. Won opportunities can be converted to quotations or sales order or invoices within LionO360 CRM. Invoices are synced from LionO360 CRM to QuickBooks Online or Desktop. All changes in invoices of LionO360 are pushed back to QuickBooks Online or desktop.

LionO360 CRM - Email Software Integrations

Email Integrations

Integration with Microsoft Office automatically maintains email threads, enabling you to view the complete history of customer communications. Additionally, LionO360 can integrate with Mailchimp and Constant Contact to support outreach as you nurture leads and move them through the funnel.

Keep your information organized, so you can spend more time interacting with leads and customers. Capture leads via web form or bulk import. LionO360 also automatically supplements your lead records with additional information such as title and industry, based on email address.

360 Degree Visibility

The ability to manage data seamlessly from any device and get the critical visibility into your organizational metrics is crucial to the organization being on the same page and hitting desired sales goals and targets.

By combining real-time data tracking through pre-made and customizable dynamic dashboards, and the powerful reporting capabilities provided in the system, set your sales representatives up for success by planning out their target actions for each week and month. Sales representatives will build confidence by knowing exactly their goals and route for the day, as they can easily insert new data about clients through their phone on the road.

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Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Field Service, Accounting, and more.
LionO360 provides seamless integrations with all your favorite software’s and applications.

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Contact Segmentation

Integration with google maps allows for geolocation targeting as well as easy to use, mobile management, from any device. With our marketing modules, you can create campaign lists and marketing segments by sorting the contacts based on desired characteristics. Deliver tailored messages to specific groups in your database by utilizing our target list feature. Assign sales representatives to specific contact groups and deliver campaigns automatically to certain contact segments.

Always Stay Connected to Your Team

You can also send messages to your entire team instantly with LionO360 “stream.” This automated activity stream facilitates communication, rather than flooding inboxes with mass email chains. Enabling internal communication within the system will help connect every member of the team. Inform staff of announcements such as new promotions they should be discussing with customers. Foster a competitive spirit, build excitement, and motivate your sales reps by enabling them to announce their accomplishments in real time.

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LionO360_Accurate Reporting Capabilities

Accurate Reporting Capabilities

Always be certain your stock levels are accurate with sophisticated pre-made reports at the company’s disposal in the reports section. The ability to connect other software applications to LionO360 creates a seamless system that allows a 360-degree view of critical business information effecting operations.

With the accuracy of LionO360’s system, hold sales representatives accountable and record notes and specific requests from on-premises visits. Data will never slip through the cracks with a full integrated system designed to manage the entire operations of a small to medium sized business.

Get Up and Running Quickly with Limitless Support

LionO360 is easy to use with little to no training, so you can spend more time converting leads and serving customers, and less time watching tutorials. Our customer service team will assist with onboarding, including uploading your existing customer data files.

We are committed to your success. There are no limits to the number of times you can reach out, or the number of people in your organization who can make use of our support team.

LionO360_Get Up and Running Quickly with Limitless Support
LionO360_Make informed decisions based on data.

Make informed decisions based on data.

With LionO360 CRM, you can easily see what is happening and make informed decisions. Customizable dashboards help you focus on what matters. Reports such as goals, forecasting, and revenue quickly identify areas with the greatest potential for growth. Filters enable you to easily view the data needed to steer your business. Additionally, you can customize the view for your entire organization to display the most important info in the most prominent location.

Customize Without Coding and Encrypted Cloud Connections

This software provides the flexibility to adapt to your business. Easily add custom account types, new data fields, and customizing user roles is quick and simple, and requires no coding whatsoever. Customize charts and dashboards as well as the view for your entire organization to display the most important information in the most prominent locations.

The cloud-based app keeps your data secure. Information such as payment and personal information is secured by encrypted socket layer technology.

LionO360_Customize Without Coding and Encrypted Cloud Connections