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LionO360 App for IOS and Android LionO360 App for IOS and Android hover
LionO360 App for IOS and Android

Access all business management features on an IOS or Android device.

LionO360_Business Card Reader LionO360_Business Card Reader hover
Business Card Reader

Easily scan and automatically insert lead and contact information on the road.

LionO360_Route Management LionO360_Route Management hover
Route Management

Manage routes from mobile, check in and check out, and take notes to follow up on clients.

LionO360_Customer Service Management LionO360_Customer Service Management hover
Customer Service Management

360 degree management from the convenience of a mobile device.

LionO360_File Share LionO360_File Share hover
File Share

Collaborate and share business documents through the encrypted cloud connections.

LionO360_Activity Stream LionO360_Activity Stream hover
Activity Stream

Internal communication portal to receive updates from the organization.

Access to your information from anywhere.

A complete business management CRM should have robust mobile capabilities. Whether you use IOS or Android, easily connect to your organization’s CRM from the web or from any mobile device. Access to LionO360 is protected by encrypted cloud-connections, ensuring data security is protected at the highest level.

Access to your information from anywhere – CRM Mobile App
LionO360_Easy lead scan and upload

Easy lead scan and upload

Scan client business cards, and relevant information is automatically entered into the associated leads contact profile. Quickly scan business cards and populate all the data from the business card to the lead field automatically, saving you time so you don’t have to enter this information manually. This feature is going to greatly benefit field teams as well as those who are networking locally or on the road.

A complete management experience from the web or a phone

Information and communication are easily accessible to everyone through the sales of devices and services such as the Internet, cell phones, and telephone providers. Access warehouse information anytime right from your phone wherever you are rather. Connect communications and real-time documents with clients at the tip of your fingers.

LionO360 App - A complete management experience from the web or a phone

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LionO360_Real-time geographic data

Real-time geographic data

Know which clients your field representatives have visited with real-time tracking. See where your representative has been and when they arrived. Check-in and check out of locations with the click of a button. Activity reports help sales managers understand if progress is being made according to quota goals set within the system.

Multiple Warehouse Management

With LionO360’s warehouse management feature, it is easy to keep track of all inventory that is being transferred from one warehouse to another and ultimately to customer. Using LionO360’s CRM, organization reps can update inventory directly from their mobile device.

LionO360_Multiple Warehouse Management
LionO360_Secured place for all company documents

Secured place for all company documents

Sales representatives have access to all company documents whether they are on a computer or on the road, accessing this information from a mobile device is super easy! Share updates in the activity stream, or comment on a task, your team will always have a picture of what is going on currently thanks to a LionO360’s 360 degree view.

Customizable and flexible software configurations

Create specific workflow automations for sales representatives easily. Customization of the software is as simple as dragging and dropping, editing names, and configuring the system to match your unique sales process. The flexibility a mobile CRM provides will help your sales representatives save time when they are reviewing client information’s and visiting physical locations.

LionO360_Customizable and flexible software configurations
LionO360_Update sales status in real-time

Update sales status in real-time

Sales representatives that are out on the road can easily update and insert files relating to their current tasks, goals, and performance reports. Knowing that your team is always connected to the system from any location will give managers peace of mind. Easily check in with representatives on the road through any of the communications activity reports that can be sent to anyone in your organization daily, weekly, or monthly.

Automatically adjust lead status based on sales pipeline.

Sales representatives can update client information’s on the road, by easily updating their lead status in the sales cycle. A lead can be automatically converted to an opportunity and viewed with a 360-degree view through the web or mobile.

LionO360_Automatically adjust lead status based on sales pipeline