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Accurately control and manage your manufacturing needs with a customizable system.

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How can LionO360 help you?

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Inventory Assembly

Easily create custom products with flexible inventory assembly features

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Bill of Material

View assembly parts, items, and other materials needed for the final product.

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Work Order

Track progress of different work orders and document the entire manufacturing process.

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Finished Products

Real-time information on manufacturing details work orders. View all products in stock within the system.

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Easily share and email manufacturing reports to the team instantly.

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Custom Goals

Accurate manufacturing systems keeps you in control

Manufacturing Software – LionO360 CRM

Accurate Stock Control.

Keep track of all your products, no matter where they are in the sales process. Update the stock quantity when vendor orders arrive in the warehouse. See the status of your product in the warehouse, whether it is out of stock or not. Manage the price of the product based on customer, quantity, and sales. Track the product when it’s shipped from the warehouse to a customer, whom the product was sold to, and which warehouse it was shipped from.

Production Planning Software – LionO360 CRM

Customize Inventory Products.

Customize products or services by attribute. Easily configure your inventory items, services, or assembly parts by unique characteristics. This helpful feature will allow warehouse managers more configuration for real-time inventory management.

Advanced Manufacturing Module.

With Bill of Materials (BOM) and work order processing and finished product features, this module is designed to help small-to-medium-sized manufacturers and assembly businesses improve demand forecasting, refine intelligent supplies and production planning, increase product quality, and gain greater visibility into their sales pipeline.

Manufacturing Software Systems – LionO360 CRM

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Field Service, Accounting, and more. Manufacturing just became a whole lot easier.

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Manufacturing Scheduling Software– LionO360 CRM

Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies.

Companies can define processes for quick delivery capability to produce customized products and identify the status of assembly parts. The BOM feature provides inventory management, enabling users to avoid excessive inventory holding costs. The platform can also improve scheduling and cost accounting, saving money and ensuring that all professionals involved in the process are synchronized in real-time through a centralized inventory dashboard. Users can also create automatic alerts for reordering assembly parts and create manufacturing orders to oversee complex jobs.

A Complete Business Management Solution.

“Manufacturers face a host of challenges that often lead to disruptions across their sales and fulfillment operations,” says Arun Upadhyay, CEO and Founder of LionOBytes. “Many of these issues come from a lack of cohesion among multiple systems used for tracking inventory, bill of materials, creating work orders and more. LionO360’s new manufacturing module combines all these processes into one business management solution, helping companies increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and control costs.”

LionO360_A Complete Business Management Solution.
LionO360_Real-Time Product Tracking.

Real-Time Product Tracking.

From sitting on a shelf in a warehouse to sitting on a truck waiting to be delivered to a customer, know exactly where your products are located at any moment. With LionO360’s manufacturing module, companies can easily define processes for quick delivery capability to produce customized products, identify assembly parts which are not being used or are obsolete. The BOM feature provides inventory management, so that stock items can be ordered only when required, avoiding excessive inventory holding costs.

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Additionally, LionO360 can identify hiring needs and provide timely ordering of supplies and materials, making scheduling efficient and improving cost accounting, saving money, and ensuring that everyone in the process is synchronized in real-time through a centralized inventory dashboard. User can also create automatic alerts for reordering assembly parts and create manufacturing orders to oversee complex jobs with print and emailing options within the system.

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