Introducing Field Team Management

Allocate tasks and monitor field team activity and performance with dynamic dashboards and real-time information.

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The Ultimate Small Business Management Platform

How can LionO360 help you?

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Customizable Questionnaire

Create flexible questionnaires to learn about insights from field service appointments.

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Measure and track sales goals and view an entire history of representative accomplishments.

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Territory Management

Ensure specific territories are being serviced by assigning locations to individual team members.

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360 degree technology gives you the transparency you need to run your professional field service team.

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Check in - Check out / Time Spent

Collaborate and share business documents through the encrypted cloud connections.

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Route Management

Manage routes so representatives travel an efficient path to a client location.

Gather Vital Information While Onsite

You can create questionnaires for reps to fill out upon visiting each customer site. Enter any questions to ensure proper service and to gather info to improve operations, such as prompting your rep to update details of various contacts. You can also create multiple question lists to accommodate the different types of locations you serve.

LionO360_Gather Vital Information While Onsite
LionO360_Monitor, track, and perform returns and exchanges for buyers.

Monitor, track, and perform returns and exchanges for buyers.

LionO360 provides manufacturing ERP, which is the simplest and most cost-effective tool for small and mid-sized manufacturing and assembling businesses. Get the real-time visibility to stock levels from any location – through self-service customizations and dynamic dashboard.

Powerful reporting keeps you in control

Always know where your stock levels are at with automatic real-time information display. Identify hiring needs and timely ordering of supplies and materials. Efficient scheduling improves cost accounting and saves money. Field sales representatives can make more informed decisions on the road with critical business documents and all client information at their disposal. Everyone in the process is aware, in real-time & on the same page.

LionO360_Powerful reporting keeps you in control

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Field Service, Accounting, and more.
Field team management just became a whole lot easier.

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LionO360_Verify Important Information and Empower Reps

Verify Important Information and Empower Reps to Serve Customers While Onsite

As representative’s check-in at customer sites, their location within 1,000 feet is confirmed, so you’re certain the visit happened. LionO360 helps you validate data for paying expense reports, as well as bonuses based on metrics such as visits per day. Insight into the current location of reps also helps you meet urgent customer needs by quickly deploying team members with products required.

Improve your business’s efficiency and profitability without the cost.

Our solution combines powerful, feature-rich modules that create fluidity between sales and fulfillment, mitigates errors in the entire process and allows communication to flow smoothly between departments, all encapsulated within one, easy to use, customizable solution.

LionO360_Improve your business’s efficiency and profitability
LionO360_Supercharge your field team.

Supercharge your field team.

With LionO360, you can put inventory into your reps’ hands and empower them to serve customers. Reps can create and close invoices to record sales - all directly from their phone at the customer’s location.
The reporting capabilities of our field service management module provides powerful tools for management to effectively monitor and optimize field service activities.

360 Degree Management Experience

LionO360 is a complete business automation software that is affordable and effective. With sales representatives closing more sales, your business will increase profitability, efficiency, and sales, while decreasing your cost.
Knowing your field representative's day to day activities will allow for businesses to properly service customer’s accounts in a way that will minimize inefficiencies and control transportation costs.

LionO360_360 Degree Management Experience
LionO360_Automated customer service and ticketing management

Give customers the attention they deserve with automated customer service and ticketing management.

Ticket, task, and case management, customer authentication, ticketing resolutions, agent and account manager assignment, priority case classification, increase efficiency and automate activity.
Increase your field representative’s efficiency while making sales calls with GPS routing, questionnaires, and visitation tracking. Real-time representative tracking, detailed visit history, customized questionnaires and answers, login histories, outreach requirements and history and more!

Outreach Requirements and History

Our software allows businesses to easily generate reports for their field service representatives, measure, track, and plan the future, all with LionO360.
Managers can track which field representatives have logged into the software and when with a login history. This history gives managers ease of mind knowing their team is doing their job.
Set goals and requirements for field representatives and view a complete history of what representatives have accomplished. Know exactly when a goal has been met through login history and recorded conversation notes.

LionO360_Outreach Requirements and History