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Manage all your accounting needs and easily integrate with popular financial services.

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The Ultimate Small Business Management Platform

How can LionO360 help you?

LionO360_Profit and Loss Statement LionO360_Profit and Loss Statement hover
Profit and Loss Statement

Accurately measure financial health of the organization.

LionO360_Financial Accounts LionO360_Financial Accounts hover
Financial Accounts

Access to Expense Accounts, Assets, Income, Costs and more.

LionO360_Journal Entries LionO360_Journal Entries hover
Journal Entries

Any accounting entry that is made will be present in the journal report section.

LionO360_On Demand Reporting LionO360_On Demand Reporting hover
On Demand Reporting

Easily create basic or advanced financial reports.

LionO360_QuickBooks Integration LionO360_QuickBooks Integration hover
QuickBooks Integration

Connect your Quickbooks financial accounts to LionO360. Create Quickbooks Sync History Reports.

LionO360_Warehouse Connector LionO360_Warehouse Connector
Warehouse Connector

Easily connect all your inventory with a single click, to a warehouse or multiple locations.

Accounting and Finance Software Integration

Manage your entire business with a complete system that includes smart third-party integrations.

Companies often use disparate systems to run different parts of their business. With LionO360, manage your entire business with a single, scalable, solution that offers fluid compatibility to mainstream services, and is designed to provide sharable customer insights and access to the critical tools needed to run and function as a healthy business. By providing integrations with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more, the best CRM for small business with computability with QuickBooks is LionO360.

LionO360 QuickBooks Integration

360 Degree Management

Small to mid-sized businesses can leverage our CRM to manage these applications in one platform, as well as benefit from its additional features that reduce task redundancies, improve process efficiency, and increase business productivity.

Instant access to accounting journal entries

All financial journal entries are available in the system with instant access and real-time accounting data. Analyze sales activities and financial actions and have it connected to the CRM and accounting system automatically.

LionO360_Instant access
LionO360_manage warehouse

Easily manage one warehouse, or multiple warehouse inventory levels.

QuickBooks acts as a source of inventory, all purchase orders and products are created in QuickBooks and products are pushed to LionO360 CRM, any change in product quantity gets automatically updated within the LionO360 system. Payment methods and terms are also shown in LionO360.

Boost Productivity Today with LionO360 CRM

The first complete business management software for small business with CRM, Inventory, Field Service, Accounting, and more.

Accounting and Finance just became a whole lot easier.

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LionO360_Best CRM with QuickBooks

Best CRM with QuickBooks

Many small businesses use QuickBooks for accounting and basic inventory management. LionO360 adds functionality to QuickBooks that the online and desktop versions lack. With the LionO360 QuickBooks integration, users can automatically create invoices and packing lists, generate inventory and sales reports, expedite reordering, and provide real-time data on field and customer service management – all from LionO360. All activities performed in LionO360 are immediately reflected directly in QuickBooks, saving time and money by drastically reducing the need for manual processes.

Dynamic Dashboards show 360-degree view.

LionO360 can identify hiring needs and provide timely ordering of supplies and materials, making scheduling efficient and improving cost accounting, saving money, and ensuring that everyone in the process is synchronized in real-time through a centralized inventory dashboard.

LionO360_Dynamic Dashboards
LionO360_financial transactions

All financial transactions automatically get assigned to the proper accounting field.

Additionally, all associated invoicing, billing, and accounting are contained in a single place and connected individual customer accounts. The ability to fulfill product requests is paramount to customer loyalty.

Bank Register Report

Any bank deposits will show here in bank register report. Other reports such as profit and loss, manual journal entries, and other financial measurements can be created and shared to members on your team.

LionO360_Bank Register Report