Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

LionO360 CRM is an easy to use, integrated solution built to streamline the management of business processes and customer relationships.

LionO360_Increased Visibility With 360° View

Increased Visibility With 360° View

LionO360 CRM is your comprehensive source of all customer information and every customer interaction. From leads, to orders, to shipments, LionO360 CRM provides a 360° view of what is happening with your business and sales in real time.

The cloud-based app keeps your data secure. Information such as payment and personal information is secured by encrypted socket layer technology.

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Nurture and Manage Your Sales Cycles

Customizable dashboards help you focus on what matters. Quickly identify the greatest potential for growth with reports such as goals, forecasting, revenue and more. Advanced filters enable you to easily view the data needed to steer your business and manage your customer relationships. Additionally, you can create customized views for your entire organization to display the most important and relevant info in the most prominent locations.

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LionO360_Nurture and Manage Your Leads
LionO360_Customize and Create Unique Stages for Opportunities

Customize and Create Unique Stages for Opportunities

LionO360 CRM provides the flexibility to suit your businesses’ sales process, and the capability to adapt to changing market environments. Easily identify high-value lead opportunities so your team spends time nurturing them rather than those unlikely to close. Opportunity pipeline identifies what stage each lead is in, and makes it easier to accurately estimate upcoming sources of revenue.

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Measure Performance with Goals and Forecasting

With the goals and forecasting feature of LionO360 CRM you can easily track your companies’ progress, create either custom, revenue or time based goals and allow management and team members to monitor, forecast and track the progress of those goals across all departments.

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LionO360_Measure Performance with Goals and Forecasting
How Lunex Telecom Used LionO360 to Optimize Sales Efficiency by 25%

How Lunex Telecom Used LionO360 to Optimize Sales Efficiency by 25%

Learn how Lunex Telecom was able to streamline interactions, conversations and programs between their sales, support teams and customers, as well as transform their ongoing management of these relationship’s activities to become a more efficient organization.

LionO360_Instant access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

Small Business, Big CRM.

Instant access to your data, anywhere, anytime.

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The Business Card Reader from Mobile

Easily scan and insert business card information directly into the system with LionO360’s exclusive business card reader feature.

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