Inventory Management

Run your business without jumping around to other systems. Reduce costs and eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone use of multiple spreadsheets.

LionO360 provides a powerful inventory management software for small businesses designed so that they can monitor the flow of inventory and manage purchase orders and invoices all in one place. Unlike other apps, LionO360 provides a 360° view by displaying all of the most critical and relevant inventory management information on a single page with little need for searching.

Accurate Inventory Control with Real-Time Product Tracking

LionO360 keeps you informed of the quantity and location of your products with real-time product tracking. From the moment shipments arrive in your warehouse, SKU-level tracking lets you keep track of product movements in multiple locations, including the “mini-warehouses” of reps’ cars.

LionO360 automatically tracks detailed history of all changes, including any manual adjustments, a feature not found in many ERP tools. Information is available to help reduce product loss, as well as for regular inventory management validation. Additionally, integrations with UPS, FedEx, and the USPS enable you to connect and view the status of shipments to customers.

LionO360_Maintain Control Over Inventory with Real-Time Product Tracking
LionO360_End-to-End Documentation and Visibility of the Customer Journey

End-to-End Documentation and Visibility of the Customer Journey

LionO360’s comprehensive functionality supports the entire customer journey, enabling you to track customer orders from start to finish. When a sales rep wins an opportunity, they can convert it to a quote to send to the customer. For products delivered onsite immediately, reps can generate an invoice from the LionO360 mobile app, which automatically deducts the quantity from inventory.

You can create custom stages to support the entire process from converting a sales order to an invoice, receiving payment, generating a packing list, and shipping to the customer. You can also record payments received, including by field reps, by simply selecting the appropriate bank account and entering the deposit total.

Reduce Costs with a Single, Comprehensive ERP Platform

Effectively manage your manufacturing scheduling and production processes all in one comprehensive platform. Reduce the overall manufacturing process errors and get a snapshot of multiple warehouse inventory levels with a centralized inventory management app and dashboard in real-time.

LionO360_Reduce Costs with a Single, Comprehensive ERP Platform
LionO360_Accurate Forecasting & Inventory Maintenance

Accurate Forecasting & Inventory Management

With LionO360, you have the visibility needed to make informed decisions. LionO360 provides a warehouse inventory management system that allows users to see in real-time the products in stock at each location, what’s allocated for distribution via sales order, and more. By viewing an account record, you can see the flow of activities in real time, such as orders placed, and when products were shipped.

With a variety of customizable charts and dashboards, you can view production and sales data to accurately forecast and set goals for your company. The cloud-based system ensures everyone from sales and customer service to warehouse managers has access to real-time information.

Report on Vendors, Finance, and More

LionO360 is a comprehensive warehouse inventory management software that compiles all vendor information, in addition to customer and prospect info. You can create vendor accounts and store information such as payment terms and contacts. Run reports by vendor, accounts payable, bill payments, and more.

LionO360 also includes a variety of financial reports, such as profit and loss, total investment in each product, and inventory assets.

LionO360_Report on Vendors, Finance, and More
LionO360_Customize without Coding

Customize without Coding

LionO360 has flexibility to easily adapt to your business. There’s no need to wait months and spend tens of thousands of dollars for consultants to custom-code the system. Adding custom account types, warehouse locations, and customizing user roles is quick and simple, and requires no coding whatsoever.

With role-based access controls in LionO360 Inventory Management Software you can restrict users to viewing only those accounts assigned to them. You can also define, view or edit permissions by individual data fields.

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