Connecting People for Business

LionO360 is a complete automated solution that fit your business needs.

LionO360 offers automated solutions for all aspects of your business, starting with customer relationship management to warehouse management to communicating with remote employees and sales representatives. We provide reliable solutions to everyday business challenges.

Wireless and Telecommunications

Information and communication are easily accessible to everyone through the sales of devices and services such as the Internet, cell phones, and telephone providers.

Top Industry Challenges

  • Lack of Data from Lead Generation – Companies cannot view data from their lead generation efforts to analyze and improve their sales.
  • Significant Customer Churn – Customers come and go due to unhelpful and unorganized customer service.
  • Data Security Risks – Customers’ personal and private information is not secure enough.
  • No Business Automation Tool – Average of 67% of salespeople miss their quotas due to a lack of automation.
  • Lost Sales and Revenue – There is a lack of an effective way for customers to leave feedback for the company to make changes.

How LionO360 Can Help

  • View charts and graphs to analyze what is and isn’t working in your lead generation so you can improve your business and help your salespeople achieve their goals.
  • The customer service tool allows customer service representatives to have a 360 view of customer profiles with little information needed to search.
  • LionO360 is secured by encrypted socket layer technology to protect your customers’ personal information.
  • Automate emails and reminders so your salespeople can effectively nurture a lead through the sales process.
  • The customer service tool allows customers to document their feedback so companies can adjust to please their customers in future orders and services.

Manufacturing and Wholesale

Stocking and managing a warehouse can get hectic when it comes to keeping inventory. Products may get lost, and customer orders may never be delivered.

Top Industry Challenges

  • Poor Sales and Production Forecasting – Companies cannot plan for the future if they do not have visual data to help forecast future production or sales.
  • Static Warehouse Information – The inventory and stock quantity are updated a few times a day, which can cause confusion and miscommunication between orders and the warehouse.
  • Product Shipments Are Lost or Unaccounted For – Customer product shipments can easily go missing without shipment tracking.
  • Accessing Information is Inconvenient – The information for the warehouse inventory and orders can only be accessed through a computer, making it inconvenient for employees.
  • Poor Team Collaboration – Different departments experience miscommunication leading to unfulfilled orders and backtracking.

How LionO360 Can Help

  • View visual charts and graphs of production and sales to help forecast and set goals for your company in the future.
  • Real-time inventory updates allow everyone to have the correct and most up-to-date information.
  • Track customer orders through shipment tracking to ensure it is delivered and send shipping updates to your customers.
  • Access warehouse information anytime right from your phone wherever you are rather.
  • All departments, including sales, customer service, and warehouse managers, have access to the same information at all times, which means less miscommunication.


Utility companies such as gas, electric, and water providers can automate their business and resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently.

Top Industry Challenges

  • Poor Customer Account Management – Customers grow frustrated with poor account management and take their business elsewhere.
  • Difficulty Managing Departments – Each department experiences miscommunication with other departments and services within the company.
  • No Dashboard Overview – Information is difficult to access and analyze within the company’s current programs.
  • Lack of Information Retrieval – Documents, versioning, installation monitoring, and workflow is difficult to locate and retrieve.
  • No Automated Communication – Communication opportunities are missed due to manual functions.

How LionO360 Can Help

  • Customer service representatives have access to full customer profiles when they receive a customer issue or call.
  • Every department works with the same program, so everyone has access to updated information.
  • A customizable dashboard allows departments to focus on important features and information when they first open LionO360.
  • Documents, reports, and real-time log updates are easily accessible and retrievable by managers, customer service representatives, and salespeople.
  • Follow up customer surveys, employee reminders, and alerts ensure every communication opportunity is fulfilled.

Other Benefits

• Complete Solution

LionO360 provides businesses with straightforward pricing and four programs wrapped into one complete automated solution. Rather than managing multiple programs, all of your business’s information is in one place and accessible by everyone.

• Cloud-Based Platform

Real-time updates keep all team members in the loop. Whether it is sending out reminders to remote employees, announcing a sale, or tending to a customer ticket, your team members will be aware of everything happening.

• Easy to Use

Your team doesn’t have to spend hours in training meetings to learn how to use LionO360. The platform is straightforward and completely customizable for your business’s needs.

• Affordable

LionO360 is an affordable option compared to other automated solutions while offering services for multiple aspects of your business. The lowest plan offers important and basic services all businesses require.

• Increase Profitability and Productivity

When your business implements LionO360, profitability and productivity will increase because your team members will focus more on their goals rather than inputting data for hours.


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