Field Service Management

Cut your travel time in half with real-time route management and verify important information during onsite visits. Stay connected with your team with LionO360’s powerful route management app and field service management software.

The power of LionO360 Field Service Management adds the dynamic insight you need to effectively monitor and optimize field service visits. Unlike other apps, our route management app equips you with a 360° view displaying the most critical customer details on a single page with little need for searching. The cloud-based app eliminates infrastructure hassles and ensures updated information is instantly available to all users.

Save Time and Money with Route Management

LionO360 is one of the only CRM platforms available with this powerful feature that not only optimizes routes but lets you assign questions to be captured in real-time and store geotagged photos. You can select customer locations to build an automatic, customized route for field reps. The LionO360 app, available for iPhone and Android, provides turn-by-turn directions, helping you avoid traffic jams. Real-time route management plans your routes efficiently so you can cut your travel time in half. Spend less time driving and more time with customers.

You can view contacts on Google Maps and draw a circle around your desired region to generate your route. Additionally, you can view a list of nearby customers and prospects, select which to visit, and LionO360 will generate the complete, optimized route, complete with your return home. Field service management is easy with LionO360. LionO360 provides solutions for small businesses with an exclusive route management app and field service management software.

LionO360_Save Time and Money with Route Management
LionO360_Gather Vital Info While Onsite

Gather Vital Information While Onsite

You can create questionnaires for reps to fill out upon visiting each customer site. Enter any questions to ensure proper service and to gather info to improve operations, such as prompting your rep to update details of various contacts. You can also create multiple question lists to accommodate the different types of locations you serve. Additionally, LionO360 lets you automatically capture the length of each visit to track employee productivity and identify success factors.

Take photos to confirm proper point-of-sale displays and exterior signage, so you can quickly and easily comply with requirements from manufacturers. You may even gather information that’s valuable to your vendors, or further promote their sales incentives, adding unique value beyond product distribution.

Verify Important Information and Empower Reps to Serve Customers While Onsite

As reps check-in at customer sites, their location within 1,000 feet is confirmed, so you’re certain the visit happened. LionO360 helps you validate data for paying expense reports, as well as bonuses based on metrics such as visits per day. Insight into the current location of reps also helps you meet urgent customer needs by quickly deploying team members with products required.

With LionO360, you can put inventory into your reps’ hands and empower them to serve customers. Reps can create and close invoices to record sales - all directly from their phone at the customer’s location.

LionO360_Verify Important Info and Empower Reps to Serve Customers While Onsite
LionO360_Reduce Costs and Streamline Communications with a Single Source of Truth

Reduce Costs and Streamline Communications with a Single Source of Truth

LionO360 meets your needs in one system, reducing costs and eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone use of multiple spreadsheets.

The LionO360 automated activity stream lets you send messages to your entire team and facilitate communication, rather than flooding inboxes with mass email chains. Inform staff of announcements such as new promotions they should be discussing with customers, upload events, or share praise for team members’ accomplishments.

Customize without Coding

LionO360 has flexibility to easily adapt to your business. There’s no need to wait months and spend tens of thousands of dollars for consultants to custom-code the system. Adding custom account types, onsite visit questions, and customizing user roles is quick and simple, and requires no coding whatsoever.

With role-based access control, you can restrict users to viewing only those accounts assigned to them. You can also define view or edit permission by individual data fields.

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