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Sales Process

LionO360 keeps your client and leads information organized, allowing you to spend more time interacting with them. Put leads through our customizable lead funnel stages, making it easier to forecast new opportunities and upsell former and existing customers.

Lead Management

LionO360 makes it easier to guide leads through the sales process. LionO360 allows you to set task reminders, maintain contact records, track lead activity, and optimize time spent.

Features include:

  • Customizable lead funnel stages
  • Bulk import/export of leads
  • Converting qualified leads to prospects or customers
  • Generating all of lead’s information by simple email search

Contact Management

Store all your business’s contacts in one place where all team members have access. Organize your contacts by their stage in the sales process.

Account Management

Record every conversation, follow up, and meet with clients.

Features include:

  • All account information is in one place
  • 360° view of account details
  • Ability to filter accounts by name, state, email and many/much more
  • Maintain customer documents in one place

Opportunity Management

Identify high-value lead opportunities, so your team spends time nurturing them rather than those unlikely to close.

  • Opportunity Pipeline helps identify what stage each lead is in
  • Pipeline makes it easier to accurately estimate upcoming sources of revenue

Sales Goals and Forecasting

Set goals for your team to contact leads and make personalized visits to ensure leads are funneling through the sales process efficiently. Setting sales goals will increase productivity and eventually, sales.

Inventory Management

Manage purchase orders, customer product orders, and monitor all inventory in multiple warehouses. All of your invoices, bills, and accounting are in one place and connected to your client accounts. Track orders in real time, which allows you to give customers delivery updates and cut down on lost inventory.

Read our recent case study and learn how LionO360 helped to follow the sales process from start to finish with Inventory Management.

Order Management

The warehouse team will go through a four-step process when a customer makes an order to ensure the correct quantity is shipped, payment has been received, and the product finds its way to the customer.

  • Quotations Management
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Receive Payments

Product Management

Keep track of all your products, no matter where they are in the sales process. Update the stock quantity when vendor orders arrive in the warehouse. See the status of your product in the warehouse, whether it is out of stock or not. Manage the price of the product based on customer, quantity, and sales. Track the product when it’s shipped from the warehouse to a customer, whom the product was sold to, and which warehouse it was shipped from.

Multiple Warehouse Management

See your inventory transferred from multiple warehouses and ultimately to your customer. This process is ideal if field representatives carry products on the road with them and make sales. With LionO360 reps can update inventory directly from their phone. Manage your inventory in multiple warehouses using a single program and stay informed of the quantity of your product in the warehouse, as well as invoices, shipments, and purchase orders.

Vendor Management

Ensure that your warehouse is fully stocked with your product with seamless vendor management.

  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Receive the Purchase Order
  • Bill Payment

Real-Time Product Tracking

From sitting on a shelf in a warehouse to sitting on a truck waiting to be delivered to a customer, know exactly where your products are at all times.

Customer Support and Service Management

Customer satisfaction and how your business handles customer service define your product or service. LionO360 customer service ticketing system allows your team to prioritize customers where managers can assign accounts to team members, overall improving efficiency with automated agent activity.

Ticket and Case Management

Organize all tickets and cases to ensure all issues are resolved promptly with recorded notes. A representative will tend to every customer ticket or case.

Ticketing Resolutions

Resolve tickets faster by prioritizing tickets and assigning account managers to specific customers.

Agent and Account Manager Assignment

Assign one team member to a specific customer ticket, so there’s no confusion in resolving the customer’s issue. This team member will be an expert in the customer ticket and handle the solution effectively.

Priority Case Classification

Manage the most critical customer service tickets first to ensure you keep your clients satisfied. Prioritize the ticket by the customer, issue, or however you see fit for your business.

Increase Efficiency and Automate Activity

Team members will increase their efficiency with automated activity such as assigned tasks, automated reminders, and conversation tracking.

Field Service Management

Know where your sales representatives have visited with real-time tracking and check-ins. Field representatives can access the field service management software right on their phone and input notes about their visits with clients and leads. Managers can leave notes and specific questions to ask for their field service representatives to ensure their visit is productive and efficient with LionO360.

Territory Management

Field representatives will know where all of their clients are located in relevance to your business through visual maps, so they can take efficient routes when making sales calls.

Real-Time Representative Tracking

Know which clients your field representatives have visited with real-time tracking. See where your representative has been and when they arrived.

Detailed Visit History

Field representatives can write reports directly from their phone summarizing client visits with essential details to ensure everyone is up to date about the positioning of the lead in the sales process.

Customized Questionnaires and Answers

Field representatives are more efficient with prepared questions to ask their lead or client. Managers can update these questions in real time while their representative is on the road.

Login History

Managers can track which field representatives have logged into the software and when with a login history. This history gives managers ease of mind knowing their team is doing their job.

Outreach Requirements and History

Set goals and requirements for field representatives and view a complete history of what representatives have accomplished. Know exactly when a goal has been met through login history and recorded conversation notes.

Konnecting Teams

Seamlessly keep your team members and different departments of your business connected with LionO360. With an automated activity stream, managers can see everything their employees have accomplished for the day. Sync calendars from third-party programs, so all meetings and events are in one place. Easily assign tasks and set reminders for your team, so they never fall off track. Since LionO360 has cloud hosting, every team member has access to this information.

Read our case study to know how LionO360 was able to improve team synergy, collaboration, and sales.

Activity Stream

Managers and team members can keep track of what has been accomplished through the automatically updated activity stream. See which team member contacted a specific client or lead and what they spoke about or when a product was shipped to a customer in real time.

Task Management

Assign tasks to specific team members right from the program. This feature is ideal if your team members travel on sales calls or work remotely. Once a task is completed, it will show up in the activity stream.


Sync third party calendar programs, so your meetings and events stay organized alongside business contacts. Record notes from meetings with leads and clients directly in the customer relationship management feature.


Set reminders for you and your team about upcoming meetings, follow-up calls, and goals. This feature will ensure that tasks are accomplished and leads are nurtured through the sales process effectively.


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