Customer Service Management

Track support tickets, analyze feedback, and meet your customers’ needs – before your competitors do.

LionO360 Customer Service Management provides the functionality small and medium-sized businesses need to track support tickets and deliver excellent service. The cloud-based app eliminates infrastructure hassles and ensures updated info is instantly available to all users.

Empower your Staff to Improve Customer Service

Unlike other apps, LionO360 displays all of the most critical, relevant customer info on a single page with little need for searching. The 360° customer profile view enables your staff to effectively serve customers while on the phone or via any communication channel.

Integration with Microsoft Office automatically maintains email threads, enabling you to view the complete history of customer communications. Additionally, LionO360’s integrations with UPS, FedEx, and the USPS enable you to connect and view the status of shipments to customers.

LionO360_Empower your Staff to Improve Customer Service
LionO360_Ensure High Quality Customer Service with Comprehensive CRM & Task Management

Ensure High Quality Customer Service with Comprehensive CRM & Task Management

The LionO360 ticketing system enables you to track support tickets, bug fixes, feature requests, and other critical customer inputs. Quickly assign tickets to users, view open tickets, and report on cases by metrics such as category, source, and solution time. You can easily configure the system to meet the unique requirements of your business.

You can assign tasks to specific team members to ensure customer support requests are responded to promptly. Once tasks are completed, they’re visible in the activity stream. By viewing an account record, you can see the flow of activities in real time, such as when they were last contacted, orders placed, and when products were shipped.

Reduce Customer Churn by Gathering & Analyzing Customer Feedback

LionO360 provides the functionality you need to let your customers be heard. Gather and analyze customer feedback beyond just bug fixes. Customizable dashboards and reports let you analyze these insights to adapt your product and service offerings to meet their needs – before your competitors do.

LionO360_Reduce Customer Churn by Gathering & Analyzing Customer Feedback
LionO360_Quickly View the Insights You Need with Customizable Dashboards

Quickly View the Insights You Need with Customizable Dashboards

With LionO360, you can easily see what’s happening and make informed decisions. With a variety of customizable charts and dashboards, you’ll have the critical info you need to run your sales, marketing, and customer support operations. You can filter by various parameters as well as customize the view for your entire organization to display the most important info in the most prominent location.

Customize without Coding

LionO360 has the flexibility to easily adapt to your business. There’s no need to wait months and spend tens of thousands of dollars for consultants to custom code the system. Adding custom account types, onsite visit questions, and customizing user roles is quick and simple, and requires no coding whatsoever.

With role-based access control, you can restrict users to viewing only those accounts assigned to them. You can also define view or edit permission by individual data fields.

LionO360_Customize without Coding
LionO360_Streamline Communications Across Your Organization

Streamline Communications Across Your Organization

Instantly send messages to your entire team with LionO360 “Stream.” This automated activity stream lets you efficiently connect your teams and facilitate communication, rather than flooding inboxes with mass email chains. Inform staff of announcements such as new promotions they should be discussing with customers, upload events, or share praise for team members’ accomplishments.

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