With LionO360

Convert More Leads

Reduce Time-to-Close

Increase Cross-Selling Opportunities

Decrease Cost-of-Sales

Generate More Revenue

Nurture Your Customer Relationships as Efficiently and Effectively as Possible

LionO360 helps your sales teams to close more deals, reduce the overall cost, improve customer retention, and grow your business.

It is the first and only cloud and mobile-based CRM solution that includes sales automation, warehouse management, customer service management, field representative management, and route management in one platform. LionO360 is powered by LionOBytes LLC - a proud partner of Gartner and Microsoft.

Boost Productivity With LionO360

  • Automate

  • Track

  • Inventory

  • Integrations

  • Customer Service

  • Real-time Update

  • Communicate

  • Learning

  • Affordable

  • Secure

Automate all aspects of your business from the sales process to customer services.

With LionO360 business automation software, you can spend more time working on new ideas and less time checking for updates. Keep track of your leads with sales process automation. Know exactly when you last contacted a client and when you should meet with them again. This sales automation tool makes it easier to convert prospected leads to clients.

Keep track of everything your team accomplishes with clients, invoices, and product orders.

Track everything your sales representatives accomplish to onboard new clients and maintain current clients. LionO360 field service software allows you to know when and where your sales representatives visited a client and what was discussed in real time. You’ll be able to track where every lead is in the sales process. Track customer orders from start to finish with warehouse inventory management and know exactly where your product is at any given time.

Easily automate your warehouse inventory, shipments, and product orders.

The LionO360 inventory management system allows you to manage all product orders, whether it is from a supplier or shipping out to a customer. Stay up to date with invoices, purchase orders, and the amount of product in stock in real time.

Integrate Third-party programs and apps, so everything is in one place.

Integrate your email and calendar to keep all of your appointments and communications all in one place with LionO360. Sync Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 to stay organized and stay on top of the sales process.

Give your customers the service and solutions they deserve.

Keep your clients happy with LionO360 customer service ticketing system. By tracking issues and complaints from customers, you can help your business improve your product while tending to your customer’s needs.

View recent updates and changes in real time with the cloud.

Get real-time updates from your sales representatives and customer orders and shipments. All information is stored on the cloud, which allows you and your team to see what is happening in your business in real time.

Convert more leads with automated and recorded communication.

Keep communications open and recorded with prospective leads and clients with LionO360 sales tracking software. All contact information is stored in one place, along with a record of communication. Stay in touch, follow up, and convert more leads.

LionO360 is easy to use with little to no training.

There is nothing worse than sitting through hours of training to learn new sales management software. Little to no training is required to effectively use the software, meaning more time spent converting leads and less time watching tutorials.

Improve your business’s efficiency and profitability without the cost.

LionO360 is a complete business automation software that is affordable and effective. With sales representatives closing more sales, your business will increase profitability, efficiency, and sales while decreasing your cost.

Keep your business data and information secure from any threat.

LionO360 makes it our mission to provide businesses with the peace of mind that their information is secure. Information such as payment and personal information is secured by encrypted socket layer technology.

Sales Management

Automate your sales process from start to finish and increase your sales.

  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Account Management
  • Opportunity/Sales Management
  • Sales Goals and Forecasting
  • Territory Management

Field Service Management

Increase your field representatives efficiency while making sales calls with GPS routing, questionnaires, and visitation tracking.

  • Real-Time Representative Tracking
  • Detailed Visit History
  • Customized Questionnaires and Answers
  • Login History
  • Outreach Requirements and History

Inventory Management

Know exactly where your products are at all times and manage invoices and purchase orders all in one place.

  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Invoice, Accounting, and Bill Management
  • Real-Time Product Tracking

Konnecting Teams

Seamlessly keep your team members and different departments of your business connected with LionO360.

  • Activity Stream
  • Task Management
  • Calendars
  • Reminders

Customer Support and Service Management

Give customers the attention they deserve with automated customer service and ticketing management.

  • Ticket, Task and Case Management
  • Customer Authentication
  • Ticketing Resolutions
  • Agent and Account Manager Assignment
  • Priority Case Classification
  • Increase Efficiency and Automate Activity

Why LionO360?

LionO360 was created by a team searching for a completely unified automated software that did not yet exist.

The LionO360 team is always listening to feedback from customers and updating the software to meet customers’ needs.

LionO360 is the only software on the market that includes all four features: sales automation, warehouse management, customer service management, and field representative management.

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Improved Team Synergy, Collaboration and Increase Sales

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